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This section is devoted to artwork inspired by Darkwing! This is one of my favorite sections on the site. Seriously, there is a lot of artistic promise for many DW fans out there. For some of them, the show inspired them to take up drawing! If you want to submit your own artwork, click here! Make sure the ratings of your pics are G to PG-13; any higher than that will not be accepted. If there is enough demand, I'll make a separate page for higher-rated pics. Hope you like what you see, but please, don't steal any artwork and claim it as your own. I will find out. Grr.

Section A - M

Catherine Ray

An artist in the making, Catherine seems to be proficient in computer paint.

The Little Gosalyn - It's Gosalyn as a mermaid, just in time for summer! Aww, look at that cute tail. ^_^

The Little Chibi Gosalyn - Gosalyn as a mermaid, again, this time with shiny anime eyes.

"Concrete Angel" illustration - A picture of Nega-Gosalyn, based on the fanfic by Mouselady (a.k.a. E. Grimes), "Concrete Angel."

The REAL Gosalyn Mallard - Haha! I like this one. Done in the spirit of my "REAL Darkwing Duck" pic below, here's a rendition of Gosalyn.


I don't know much about Chibilainen except that she's an artist who's particularly fond of anime. And she enjoys slash. She has an account on DeviantArt and Sheezyart, but since I'm not advertising for them you'll have to find the pages yourself. Sorry! :P

QJ's New Costume - Looks like Quackerjack's got a brand new costume! Pretty cool. But why is he mad at the suddenly be-tailed Megavolt? One can only wonder with those two...

Christina S.

A fan of Flapping Terror with quite a gift for drawing. I'm proud to be hosting her work... it's just that great!

I am the ruben that goes straight to your thighs - A 13-year anniversary picture of the mighty masked mallard himself! It's very realistic and intense, accompanied by humorous text; a perfect tribute to DW. Here's to 13 years of fighting crime sans pants! ;)

"I am the ruben" v.2 - The above picture, cranked up big time with some effects in Photoshop. This one is absolutely amazing!!

The Fearsome Five is teh kyootness - Aww, look at the Fearsome Five! They're so cute! ^o^ (But even as cute as Negaduck is in this pic, I still won't go near him... y'know, the chainsaw thing and all.)

Morgana?! - Yes, our first Morgana fan art. And dang! This one nearly made my eyeballs pop out of my head! Check out her dazzled up outfit. And all those bats... wow. Just... wow. O_O

Aww, Honeywumpus - A beautiful, romantic picture of Darkwing and Morgana sitting together under the stars. I'm amazed at all the detail!

Fatherly Concern - With Darkwing doing the fatherly thing, you never know if it's real concern or if it's just his ego puffing up because he thinks he has all the answers. This picture conveys that very well. As usual, DW looks great. Gosalyn is absolutely gorgeous! And I like how LP looks all angsty in the background back there. The colors are great, too!

Oy... The Muddlefoots. - What usually happens when the Muddlefoots pay a visit to the Mallard residence. A classic picture indeed. The angle is interesting, the expressions and actions of the characters are right on, and the colors are awesome. The Muddlefoots may be annoying, but at least there's never a dull moment when they're around.

Happy Freakin' Easter - The Fearsome Five surprise Darkwing with a slightly... unusual Easter surprise. With Negaduck's hatred of fuzzy-wuzzy bunnies, somehow I'm not too surprised that this would happen. ;P Very well-drawn! I especially dig the l'il carrot buddies on Bushroot's shoulders. ^_^


Christina's sister has also joined the ranks of Flapping Terror artists! Apparently talent runs in the family, because she's a really good artist! Keep it up, DJ!

Thinking of you... - Morgana is thinking about her beloved Dark Dearest. Aww! ^_^ I especially love Morgana's hair and eyes in this one, and the coloring's not half bad, either.

Goodnight, Gos - Gosalyn is cradled in Darkwing's arms as she slumbers peacefully. DJ, you really know how to make me say "Aww!" a lot, don't you? ;) What a wonderful father-daughter moment. :)

Ready, DW? - Launchpad poses with the Thunderquack in the background. Deanna certainly draws LP with a lot more confidence than I do, because this came out wonderfully! Oh, and by the way... this piece of fan art is our 100th submission. Congratulations, Deanna! ^o^


This artist seems to have a thing for turning Darkwing into hybrids. Will our caped crusader find a way to return to normal? (Naturally!)

DWRaptor - Darkwing Duck as a half-velicoraptor. Woah, better for those teeth! Nice detail on the legs and feet, too.

Darkwing Merduck - Darkwing as a duck equivalent to a merman, which is the male equivalent to a mermaid. I can see him with this look in an episode with Neptunia.

Darkwiiiing Duck! - Darkwing in his classic entrance pose.

Arrogrance - Darkwing's full of it. Er, full of arrogance, that is. :P

More posing - With the cape, of course.

Oocombpoawu Darkwing - Some concept drawings. I had to look at 'Raptor's website in order to decribe this one. Here's a description she wrote for another picture of this Darkwing:
"An alien clone of Darkwing Duck, Oocombpoawu Darkwing is a combination of several alien races, including[:] Mer-Quintary: a gargoyle-like creature, with a fish tail[;] Sebacean: a human-like race, except cold-blooded[;] Delvian: a human-like race that is also plant-like (has [chlorophyll] in his blood), [and] he has the ability to share unity (the ability to share or take away pain from another through combining soul and mind). Oocombpoawu Darkwing speaks with an english accent, [flies] with not only his physical wings, but also an attack space craft, called a Prowler. If you`re a [sci-fi] fan, and you`ve heard of the series on the [Sci-Fi] channel, called Farscape, you`d [probably] know all about the alien races and space ships."

Darkwing Dragon - More concept drawings. Darkwing as a fire-breathing dragon! You gotta dig the detail on this one.

Catch of the day? - My question is, how did Darkwing Duck and Darkwing Merduck become two separate entities in order for this to happen? O_o

Making a point - Did I make this joke already? Oh, well. Darkwing making that infamous dramatically-pointing-upwards pose.


Check out Fraz's serious art skills! :D

"Chainsaw Buffet, Anyone?" - Negaduck, cape flowing in the wind, and beloved chainsaw in hand. This pic rocks! Maniacal much, Negsy?

Great Ruler of Liquid and Water

She's got the biggest Liquidator-oriented website I've ever seen! She's quite a prolific artist too, and her pics of Licky are super-cute!

Bushy Bazooka - In my honest opinion, there's nothing scarier than seeing Bushroot go crazy. Here is a pic of the infamous scene from "Night of the Living Spud" where Bushroot hauls out the big guns!

Naughty water boy - Here's a cute li'l Licky, getting into mischief!

Grr - A sketch of Negaduck's snarling face. At least he's not smiling... >;)

I didn't know dogs could fly - Licky gets into a situation involving a propellor cap. Pray you never see this outside your airplane window.

Non-anthro Licky - If Liquidator was a cute liquid puppy instead of a supervillain, would you take him home? If he looks anything like this, I know I would. Though he'd probably wet the carpet... and everything else... ;)

Jen C.

Jen is just as prolific on paper as she is in MSPaint! :) And she loves the site, yay!

Fearsome Five Kids - The Fearsome Five as children. Aww! Hey, who gave little Negaduck that butter knife?!

Fearsome Five vs. Justice Ducks - Who will win? I'm putting my money on the Justice Ducks, of course, but hey, it's your call...

Simply Liquidator - A very simple drawing of Licky.

Nighttime Stroll - Though they are only silhouettes, Jen assures me that it is Negaduck and Nega-Gosalyn walking around the bad part of town. An interesting piece.

Southern Belle he ain't - Megavolt once again dresses in drag for this one-panel comic. Negaduck isn't amused.

Firefoxes - Do pardon the pun. Quackerjack and Megavolt meet a pair of foxes with the power to create fire, a guy and a girl. Unfortunately, Megsy's hitting on the girl is about to get him and Quacky BBQ'd.


This extremely talented artist loves cartoons as much as I do, if not more! So you can imagine how excited I was when I found out that she's a Darkwing Duck fan. Hooray! ^o^

Splatter Phoenix - Our first fan art of Splatter, yay! *claps* She looks adorable, doesn't she? Though Splatter doesn't seem to think so, and I quote: "Oh the diabolical antagonism of my poignant existance... to be drawn by a... furry." Ah, the gems that come out of that ladyduck's mouth. ;)

All Tied Up - While Jooki didn't draw this one, she did color it, and marvellously, might I add. OMG, it's Camille Chameleon! And she's got Darkwing tied up in his own home! *suspenseful organ music*

Camille Chameleon - A wonderful rendition of Camille Chameleon, drawn from straight from Jooki's memory. Sssssuch a sssssslick villainesssss, don't you agree? >;)

Jooki's New Friend - A young version of Jooki's furry self cuddling with Spike. AWW! ^o^ Both of them look very happy. ^_^ I love how Spike looks, too.

"My Sweetest Friend" - Jooki's furry self becomes a half-plant mutant, and Bushroot's newest friend! Now that's a real friend right there. ;)

Blazing Color - Jooki surprised me with lineart of my character, Polly "Flame Fatale" Cinders! And guess what else? I colored this baby in! Wow. My first computer coloration of a drawing... and for once the turn-out doesn't suck! Hooray for Photoshop tutorials! :D Oh, by the way, that's a photo of actual fire in the background. Yes. *nodsnods*

Kathy Fryhover

It seems Kathy's preferred artistic tools are paper, pencil, and watercolors. I have three more pieces by her in store...

Huggies! - Aww, Quacky looks like he wants a hug! ^_^ Just make sure he doesn't slip an exploding panda down your pants.

Daring Duck of Mystery - Darkwing in a classic pose, done all in pencil.

Negaduck makes a point - The pointing pose, as done by Negaduck. Such form! Such grace! Such... EGO! *laughs*

"The jester with no outline" - Uh-oh! Quackerjack's outline is disappearing?! What could it be? Heh, something out of a certain Daffy Duck cartoon comes to mind... "Duck Amok," anyone? >;)


Her art style imitates Disney's well, resulting in some cool pictures you don't wanna miss. She writes romance and drama, both fanfic and original (check out her vampire stories!), which is showcased on her website.

Damien Hudigan - Kilthalia's depiction of Negaduck's father. He's an abusive, angry individual-- hmm, I see where Negsie gets it from, now. Negaduck definitely didn't get his devilish charms from this guy, though. You can tell from his expression that he's one unpleasant fella. I like this picture a lot. ^_^

Martha Gullet Hudigan - Damien's wife, Negaduck's mother. I bet you'd never guess that this lovely housewife doubles as a stripper. O.O Then again, that dress would fool anyone. ;)

Michelle Hudigan - This innocent-looking beauty is in fact Negaduck's female double! Wow, who'd've thought? She's so pretty! I'm not surprised that Negaduck ends up marrying her. ^_^

Negaduck, Revealed - What Kilthalia pictures Negaduck to looks like under his mask. He looks sad... aww. I wonder where he got that scar from?


A huge fan of Darkwing and Negaduck who's done a considerable amount of art for them.

Darkwing, trapped and in trouble - Masic's half of an art trade we did. I asked for a pic of Darkwing holding a bomb and freaking out. Masic took it a bit further, as you can see.

Matt Dorcas

I don't know much about Matt at the moment, but he seems pretty good at art! I hope to see more from him! ^_^

"Darkwing Begins" - A parody of the Batman Begins movie! I'm sure a lot of would like to see this film actually happen. Besides, no one really knows the exact origin of Darkwing Duck... *ooh, mysterious dramatic spooky time*


Megan (not to be confused with Meaghan, a.k.a. Roaming Tigress) has an art style that's incredibly charming and skillful. Not only does she like DW, she also likes Bonkers (just like me! ^_^) and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Jill portrait - Ah, the first picture ever available on the Internet of my fan character, Jill! One of two requests that Megs graciously took up for me. Thanks again, girl!

Rose portrait - Squeeeee! It's Rose! Not only that, it's actually a good picture of her, unlike the ones I've drawn. Is she pretty or what?! The second of two requests that Megs took up for me. Thank you!!

Drake Mallard in living color - A full-body portrait of everyone's favorite suburban single father. He has such an expressive face, doesn't he? One of the many reasons I love him. ^.^ I love the shading in this one... and the colors are so... so... colorful! ^o^

Gosalyn and a basketball - The title sums it up. Gosalyn looks like she's gonna cause some mischief... it's a subtle look in her eyes, but it's there! >:) Hee-hee, I love this kid. *hugs Gos*

OMG. Honker?! - Yes! The unthinkable has happened-- fan art of Honker! Okay, okay, I know there's quite a bit of Honker art out there, but not that big a bit. Poor Honk is so overlooked these days. *hugs him* He's so cute in this picture!

The Terror that Flaps - An awesome picture of Darkwing posing in the moonlight, with Saint Canard's silhouette in the background. Guaranteed to strike fear into the hearts of evildoers everywhere.


The webmistress of Flapping Terror... in other words, me! :)

A simple DW portrait - One of my better pics of the mighty masked mallard... but I know I can do better than this. Hmmph.

Smoking or non-smoking? - Two of my first Photoshop-colored pictures ever, this being of Darkwing. One has a blue smoke effect, the other doesn't. This was drawn in 2002, so it's not the best...

Darkwink Duck - A headshot of a smiling, winking Darkwing, done entirely on the computer. It could have been better, but I still like it. ^_^

Jennifer Hackerquack - Some old concept art of my original character, Jennifer. Her hair is red now, plus she's a bit heftier than what the picture shows.

Rose the sorceress - More concept art, this time of another original character, Rose Quackenfield. Here, she's in a Morgana-esque outfit... except it's green.

Darkwing logo - A smokey logo I made for Darkwing. This one's quite old, but it's one of my favorite pieces. I did it entirely in Photoshop.

Liquidator logo - A glowing, liquidy logo for everyone's favorite salesman turned watery supervillain. Done in Photoshop. Also old.

Multiverse - This was going to be an image map, but I scrapped the idea. Done in Photoshop. Old.

Megavolt logo - Ugh, I don't like this one too much. Too big, and I overdid a few elements in here... Done in Photoshop. Old.

Negaduck logo - DOUBLE-ugh! This is my least favorite logo. Blecch! Done in Photoshop. Old.

Fan Character Collage - Okay, this isn't exactly Darkwing fan art, BUT! There is a picture of Rose Quackenfield in there. She and my other fan characters from various cartoons appear in this piece. Lemme introduce you to the other girls: Tina is from Monsters, Inc., Tunya and Biscuit are from CatDog, Melissa Mackenzie is from Ren and Stimpy, Pearl is from Pinky and The Brain, and Maureen is from Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy.

Rosie - An oekaki picture of my fan character, Rose, at the age of nine. She has a lot on her mind... This is my sixth or so attempt at oekaki, so this isn't the best.

Quack-Fu Master - It started out as oekaki, but I was forced to finish it in Paint. I hate my computer mouse... -_-; Anyway, here's a pic of Rose, executing a kick. Update - 4/2/04: I got a new mouse! Yay for optical mice!

Licensed to Steel - I drew this picture for Roaming Tigress for helping me out so much with the site. This is the best pic of Steelie I ever drew! Thanks for the inspiration, RT... thanks for everything. You're a great friend.

Megavolt poster - An edit I made of a classic image of Megavolt. I did the colors and paint and crap. I didn't draw it. But I like it considering how unknowledgeable about Adobe Photoshop I am.

Steelbeak poster - Another edit, this time of a piccie of Steelie. Having fun with the mosaic tool in the background... whee... Ahem. Anyway. Anyone notice how sexy that rooster looks against blood red? (Yes, I know I'm demented. Sue me. My apologies to the men.)

300 deviantART pageviews - I made this when I got 300 hits for my deviantART account page. No, I didn't draw DW and LP; I did edit them in. They helped me celebrate those 300 hits, and I was happy. Too bad I'm not entirely happy now about how this came out. *shrugs* Meh, it's still really cool, IMO.

The REAL Darkwing Duck - Another photo manipulation... a LOT of people at deviantART bust a gut over this one. It was a perfect photograph (or so I thought), and it was begging to be done. So I did it with Paint and Photoshop. Problem is, the photo is actually of a female duck, as pointed out by Lost Duck in Weird Pond. And I messed up on the collar flaps. But woo-yay anyway, people loved it, so I love it, too.

More photomanipulation - I made this one a while ago by using an official graphic of Darkwing and using filter effects on screenshots I had found of DW, Launchpad, Gosalyn, and Honker. I had actually considered making this the new splash page for the site, but... it might be a mite too big. ^_^;

Watercolor oekaki - I was practicing using the watercolor tool on oekaki when I drew this portrait of Darkwing. It's not TOO bad a picture. Actually, I like it a lot! His hat's supposed to look like the wind's blowing it away. I would've used squiggly lines to suggest that, but it looked stupid. So there ya go.

Phil Flood - Hand-drawn and computer-colored by yours truly, meet Phil Flood, the brother of Bud "The Liquidator" Flood! He has the ability to morph his face and head, but you can learn all about that in his profile, which is coming soon. Nice boxers, Phil ol' boy. Hee-hee... UPDATE: Here is the original black-and-white drawing of Phil! I still say those boxers are hot. ;D

Fenton in Markers - A drawing of Fenton Crackshell done entirely in felt-tip markers! Aww, isn't he just too cute? Ahem... sorry, that's the fangirl in me talking. ^_^;

If Only She Knew - Done entirely on the computer, in Photoshop. Darkwing and Gosalyn share an emotional moment in the foggy night... badly-drawn fog, horror of horrors! Yeah, I know. Deal with it. :P

Jill and The Jewel - I was having issues with my character Jill's hair when I drew this... as well as her hands. If only I had gotten them right, this pic would have been perfect for the time! This was actually some concept art for a fanfic idea, but I dropped it.

Debutante Jill - More hair issues. This is Jill when she's around 15 or 16, living with her adoptive family, the Feathertons. She's in a rare moment of relaxed happiness here; she's usually in a hurry, with a very busy schedule and no time for having any real fun.

Frog-Faced Jill - Hair and face issues. Especially the face. I was trying to catch Jill in a reflective mood, and experimenting with the special effects her powers make. I also hadn't gotten the final design for her costume down yet. All I knew was that it was black and form-fitting. (I'm horrible at designing clothes! XD)

Jill Modeling - Hair issues revisited. Jill models some Negaduck-style clothing. You can tell it's a woman's suit, though, because the position of the buttons are reversed. I used two photographs of women for this picture as reference: one for the clothes, one for the pose.

Launchpad Bust Sketch - It's Launchpad, yay! This is my best bust sketch of him out of the two I've done... which is why I'm only showing this one. This one is much more on-model than the other. In any case, I still have to work on drawing full-body pictures of him.

Maddie Featherton - Meet Jill Quackenfield's cruel, wealthy adoptive mother, Madison. This is the only drawing I've made of her... She needs a redesign. Badly.

Negaduck in Disguise - Negaduck in civilian clothing, as part of a disguise for his latest caper. He never takes off his mask, so when he's forced to in this situation, I decided to give him an eyepatch to make up for the lack of covering on his face. This was actually concept art for a fanfic idea I had, but I dropped it.

They're Not Ducks - Hooray for crossovers! It's Neptunia, self-proclaimed Protector of the Sea, and The Cheat from! Strong Bad once compared The Cheat to a duck in one of his e-mails, and in DW episode "Just Us Justice Ducks," Neptunia is known for repeating over and over that despite her affiliation with the Justice Ducks, she herself is not a duck. I drew this for an MSPaint contest at's forum.

Rose Quackenfield - So far, my only picture of Rose that's on-model! I drew it after being inspired by Megs83's drawing of Rose. I have to draw more like this one of these days... Drawn in pencil, outlined in ink, and colored in colored pencil. I kinda threw in the watch as an extra detail. :P

Polly, Mallory, and Scarlett - OLD art of three of my fan characters: Polly Cinders, Mallory Amperidge, and Scarlett Fever. Mallory's the only one that came out good. I have to work on her and Scarlett, though.

Flame Fatale - My latest picture of Polly Cinders, and she looks on-model for once! Yay! Too bad it's only in black and white, eh? I didn't know how to color with the computer at this point. Meh, it probably would have ruined this one anyway. The pencil shading in this one is one of my best jobs. ^_^ Used a mechanical pencil.

Preggers - Rose is supposed to be Gosalyn's biological mother in my stories. This pic takes place while Rose is still pregnant with Gos. Her maternity overalls made her look like a Mario Brother, thus the pose. I like to pretend that she's posing for a photo being taken by her husband, and she's goofing off for the camera.

Rose is Not Happy - Slight language! A horribly off-model computer drawing of Rose, about to use energy blasts on someone who's made her angry. I wasn't in a particularly good mood when I drew this. Can you tell?

Stanley Bushroot - Another character of mine, Reggie Bushroot's younger brother, Stanley! One of the best florists in all of Saint Canard, a skilled dartsman, and a darn good pinochle player. I don't like how the shoes turned out, but other than that I like this pic a lot.

Timnar Afgray - Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the father of Rose and Jill, the great sorceror, Timnar Afgray! And in a very Darkwing-esque pose, too. I should get to drawing his wife, Brenna.

Frog-Faced Rosie - The companion pic to "Frog-Faced Jill." They were drawn around the same time, which would explain their faces. I don't know what Rose is sitting on. A really long tree branch? A piece of pipe? Who knows? *shakes head* My mom seems to adore this for some reason.

Amara Glider - This is a fan character of mine who plays a large role in the lives of Rose and Jill Quackenfield... how, I won't say. I am amazed at how this came out. By the way, in case you couldn't tell, Amara is a swan.

Aries Ramsey - I'm probably going to redesign this character; he doesn't looked aged and wizened enough. Ramsey had raised Bulba from infanthood and taught him everything he knew about the criminal world, making him the genius he is today. Perhaps this pic is of him in his younger years?

Bill and Henn Mallard - I was just doodlin' around one day and decided to draw up two more of my characters. Bill, looking over his shoulder, is Drake's older brother and is a renowned rock musician. Henn is the middle sibling between Drake and Bill, and she works as a news reporter. Just like my many other characters, you'll see them in upcoming fan character profiles.

Brenna Afgray - Finally, Timnar's wife and mother of the Quackenfield twins! I have to draw her and her husband together now, maybe update their looks, too... but this is basically how Brenna looks. Not bad for someone over 100 years old, no?

Say What Now?! - Somebody's said something to Reggie that's really gotten his attention... something risque, perhaps? >;) Doodled in Photoshop with a tablet pen.

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